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Greenfield Community Council – Greenfeild UK

Project Overview: Greenfield Community Playground is a popular local park that had been facing issues with its aging rubber surface. The worn-out surface not only looked unattractive but also posed safety risks for the children who played there. The Greenfield Community Council contacted Wetpour Rubber Suppliers to provide a solution that would enhance the safety and aesthetics of the playground.


  • The playground surface had numerous cracks and worn-out patches.
  • Ensuring the playground remained accessible during the repair process.
  • Working within a tight community budget.

Solution: Wetpour Rubber Suppliers conducted a thorough assessment of the playground and recommended a full resurfacing with high-quality EPDM rubber granules. The project was executed in phases to allow parts of the playground to remain open while work was being completed.

Key Actions:

  • Removal of the old, damaged surface.
  • Installation of a new base layer for added durability.
  • Application of bright, colourful EPDM rubber granules to create a vibrant and safe play surface.


  • The playground surface was completely revitalized, eliminating all safety hazards.
  • The new surface provided a soft, safe area for children to play.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the playground was significantly improved, attracting more visitors.

Client Feedback: “Working with Wetpour Rubber Suppliers was a fantastic experience. They were professional, efficient, and mindful of our budget constraints. The new playground surface looks amazing and, most importantly, is safe for our children. We couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Mary Collins, Greenfield Community Council Member

Riverside High School, Riverside UK

Project Overview: Riverside High School’s outdoor sports facilities were in need of an upgrade. The existing rubber surfaces had become worn and uneven, affecting the performance and safety of the students using them. The school administration reached out to Wetpour Rubber Suppliers to enhance their sports surfaces.


  • The project needed to be completed during the school holidays to avoid disruption.
  • Ensuring the new surfaces met specific performance standards for various sports.

Solution: Wetpour Rubber Suppliers proposed a comprehensive resurfacing plan using top-grade EPDM rubber and polyurethane binders to create a durable and high-performance surface suitable for multiple sports activities.

Key Actions:

  • Removal of the existing worn surfaces.
  • Installation of a new, even base layer.
  • Application of EPDM rubber granules tailored to specific sports requirements, including tennis and basketball.


  • The sports facilities now feature a high-quality, durable surface that enhances safety and performance.
  • The new surface meets all necessary standards for school sports competitions.
  • The improved facilities have received positive feedback from both students and staff.

Client Feedback: “The new sports surfaces are fantastic. The difference in performance and safety is remarkable. Wetpour Rubber Suppliers did an excellent job, completing the project on time and to a very high standard. Our students are thrilled with the upgrade.” – John Edwards, Riverside High School Principal

Westwood Town Council, Westwood UK

Project Overview: Westwood Municipal Park, a central feature of the town, had an aging wetpour surface that needed attention. The surface had become unsafe and visually unappealing over the years. Westwood Town Council engaged Wetpour Rubber Suppliers to revitalize the park and restore its appeal.


  • The project had to be completed without closing the park entirely.
  • Maintaining the park’s natural aesthetics while upgrading the surface.

Solution: Wetpour Rubber Suppliers developed a phased approach to refurbish the park’s wetpour surfaces. We used a blend of natural and bright colours to complement the park’s surroundings, ensuring the new surface was both safe and visually pleasing.

Key Actions:

  • Careful removal of the old surface to avoid damage to surrounding areas.
  • Installation of a durable, natural-looking base layer.
  • Application of custom-coloured EPDM rubber granules to match the park’s aesthetic.


  • The park’s surfaces were transformed, improving safety and usability.
  • The new surface blended seamlessly with the natural environment, enhancing the park’s overall look.
  • Park visitors have responded positively to the improvements, noting the enhanced safety and appearance.

Client Feedback: “Wetpour Rubber Suppliers exceeded our expectations. They managed to upgrade our park’s surfaces while maintaining its natural beauty. The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re grateful for their excellent work and professionalism.” – Sarah Mitchell, Westwood Town Council Member

Meadowview Housing Development, Meadowview UK

Project Overview: A new housing development in Meadowview needed a safe and attractive playground surface for its community play area. The developers wanted a surface that was durable, easy to maintain, and visually appealing to attract young families.


  • Ensuring the playground surface was safe for children of all ages.
  • Delivering the project within a tight construction schedule.
  • Providing a visually appealing finish that matched the overall aesthetic of the development.

Solution: Wetpour Rubber Suppliers recommended a high-quality EPDM rubber surface that offered both safety and durability. We worked closely with the developers to ensure the surface design complemented the new housing development’s modern aesthetic.

Key Actions:

  • Preparation of the base layer to ensure stability and longevity.
  • Application of colourful EPDM rubber granules to create a vibrant and inviting play surface.
  • Coordination with the construction team to ensure timely completion.


  • The playground now features a safe, durable, and visually appealing wetpour surface.
  • The new surface has enhanced the attractiveness of the housing development to prospective buyers.
  • The developers have received positive feedback from residents about the quality of the playground.

Client Feedback: “Wetpour Rubber Suppliers did a fantastic job on our new playground. The surface is exactly what we were looking for – safe, durable, and visually striking. The project was completed on time, and the team was great to work with. We’ve had wonderful feedback from the new residents. Highly recommended!” – David Harrison, Project Manager, Meadowview Housing Development

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